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Jaslo Townhouse Project, Strathroy, ON

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small_236_Jaslo_-_Ellor_Street_(15).jpg small_236_IMG_8857.jpg small_236_IMG_8860.jpg small_236_Jaslo_-_Ellor_Street_(2).jpg small_236_IMG_8858.jpg small_236_Jaslo_-_Ellor_Street_(23).jpg small_236_IMG_8859.jpg small_236_Jaslo_-_Ellor_Street_(6).jpg small_236_IMG_8856.jpg small_236_IMG_0720.jpg small_236_IMG_8855.jpg small_236_Jaslo_-_Ellor_Street_(22).jpg small_236_Jaslo_-_Ellor_Street_(20).jpg

Job Type:  Residential
Description:  26 Unit Condo Development
Location:  Strathroy, ON

This 26 Unit condo development started in Spring 2017 and is set for move in dates in late Fall 2017.

We were responsible for the excavation, foundations, backfilling, and flatwork including driveways. Units also have a firewall constructed out of insulated concrete form (ICF) construction. As you can see from the pictures our crews were working on various stages at the same time (footings, walls, floors).

Project Particulars: 26 units, 800m3 concrete, Excavation, Frost Walls, In-floor Heating, ICF construction

What our customers are saying...

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We are very pleased with the quality work that McCann’s did on our Colborne Place and Ellor St Senior Living Townhomes in Strathroy.  Their staff is very professional and courteous.  We are very grateful for Orno who took the time to explain and offer expert advice and help us make the best decisions possible as we built these senior rentals.  We look forward to working with McCann’s on future projects.

Jamie & Sue Looman
JASLO Properties Ltd.